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Cover Reveal for Reunion A Story

Sometimes I make posts not directly related to Leonberger dogs, especially if I want to promote a good book. Today I am making a cover reveal post for one of the books written by a talented author and an on-line friend by the name Alex Diaz-Granados.

New front cover for Reunion: A Story. Photo of school lockers, one is open with a hand sticking into one of the lockers. Click on the image to go to the page for the book.
New front cover for Reunion: A Story. Click on the image to go to the page for the book.
This is the cover for the e-Book version of Reunion: A Story. The image consist of green grassy or bush like weeds. Click on the image to go to the E-Book version of the book.
This is the cover for the e-Book version of Reunion: A Story. Click on the image to go to the E-Book version of the book.

About the Author

Alex Diaz-Granados (1963-) began writing movie reviews as a staff writer and Entertainment Editor for his high school newspaper in the early 1980s and was the Diversions editor for Catalyst, Miami-Dade Community College, South Campus’ student newspaper for one semester.

Using his experiences in those publications, Alex has been raving and ranting about the movies online since 2003 at various websites, including Amazon, ciao and Epinions. In 2012, Alex published his first book, Save Me the Aisle Seat: The Good, the Bad and the Really Bad Movies: Selected by an Online Film Reviewer through CreateSpace.

Reunion: A Story, is Alex’s first work of fiction. In addition to writing reviews, Alex has collaborated with actor-director Juan Carlos Hernandez on several short films, including A Simple Ad (2019), Clown 345 (2019), and Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss. You can find his reviews and essays on his blog, A Certain Point of View, Too.

About the Book

It is June 1983. Jim Garraty is a senior at South Miami Senior High. He’s a staff writer for the school paper, a college-bound scholar who plans to become a historian and author of books on military history. He’s well-liked by his peers and teachers, and his future looks bright. But as commencement draws near for the Class of 1983, Jim must deal with unfinished business. The girl he loves from afar is also graduating, and rumor has it that she is going away for the summer before starting college in the fall. Worse still, Marty doesn’t know how deeply Jim’s feelings for her are – unless he tells her. But when an opportunity arises on the last day of classes at South Miami High, Jim hesitates…and the window of opportunity closes. Now, 15 years later, James Garraty is an up-and-coming history professor whose literary career is on the rise. Respected by his fellow faculty professors and recipient of popular and critical acclaim, Jim seems to have it all. Except for one thing. True love.

Reunion: A Story Paperback – July 2, 2018, by Alex Diaz-Granados can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The paperback version is currently $6.99 on both Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It is 51 pages, ISBN 978-1722120474, item weight 3.2 ounces, dimensions 6 x 0.13 x 9 inches. The e-Book version, ASIN B07F4SL6NQ, is $3.99 on Amazon, or free if you have Kindle unlimited.

A brief review

This book is about a “what if” scenario, about regret, and what could have been. Once you start reading the book you simply must find out what will happen, which is why I could not put it down and therefore I read it in one sitting. It is a sad but timeless love story that is very engaging. It is about life, friendship, and love. I think the story highlights how differently a teenager and an adult view life and what the consequences can be. The author describes the feelings and the thoughts of the characters in a manner that is realistic and easy to relate to. It was emotional but not too sentimental. The book has a message, especially for young people. It is an easy and quick reading, and it is one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it.

By thomasstigwikman

My name is Thomas Wikman. I am a software/robotics engineer with a background in physics, but I am currently retired. I took early retirement. I am a dog lover, and especially a Leonberger lover, a home brewer, craft beer enthusiast, an amateur astronomer, I’m learning French, and I am an avid reader. I live in Dallas, Texas, but I am originally from Sweden. I am married to Claudia, and we have three children Jacob, David and Rachel. My blog feature the crazy adventures of our Leonberger e Bronco von der Löwenhöhle as well as information on Leonbergers

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Nice you sharing your online friend author book cover page. I like.
Very interesting book review Reunion :A story book! I can read your review so interested love story.

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I think it’s safe to order the book now. Per Amazon, the emphasis on updated editions goes to the content first, then the price info, and finally the product image. I bought my book (for the second time) on the 17th and received the edition with the new cover. It felt so good to see Reunion in its revised version!

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