There Are Leonbergers on Bookbub

Bookbub is a book discovery service that was created to help readers find new books and authors. Bookbub has 15 million users, so it is a fairly large service. Upon the suggestion of Jacqui Murray I decided to join. You can join as a reader or as an author. Since I’ve written a book I joined as an author. I noticed there were already three Leonberger books on Bookbub, so mine is the fourth one. The vast majority of Leonberger books are not on Bookbub. There is also an author by the name Leon Berger, but he does not write about Leonbergers.

Today or rather yesterday my profile was approved for upload. Therefore, I have not done a lot of work on my profile yet. I linked my book to Bookbub, added a profile picture, and wrote a couple of sentences about myself. I started following a few authors and published a few reviews. However, I am just getting started. Please, if you are an author and you are on Bookbub, tell me in the comments, so I can follow you. Naturally I wouldn’t mind follows myself (both authors and readers can follow). Below is my preliminary Bookbub profile picture. Click here to see my Bookbub profile.

This is my Bookbug profile picture. I will probably update. It is me and our Leonberger Bronco giving me a hug. Click on the picture to go to my Bookbub profile.
This is my Bookbug profile picture. I will probably update. Click on the picture to go to my Bookbub profile.










Finally, if you would like to learn about more about my book and find out where to buy it, click here or here. You can also click the image below to buy it from Amazon.

The image shows the front cover of my book "The Life and Times of Le Bronco von der Löwenhöhle". Stories and Tips from Thirteen Years with a Leonberger. The cover is beige and brown and it has the face of an old Leonberger in the middle. Author is Thomas Wikman. Click on the image to go to the paperback location for the book.
The front cover of my book “The Life and Times of Le Bronco von der Löwenhöhle”. Click on the image to go to the location for the book.

By thomasstigwikman

My name is Thomas Wikman. I am a software/robotics engineer with a background in physics, but I am currently retired. I took early retirement. I am a dog lover, and especially a Leonberger lover, a home brewer, craft beer enthusiast, an amateur astronomer, I’m learning French, and I am an avid reader. I live in Dallas, Texas, but I am originally from Sweden. I am married to Claudia, and we have three children Jacob, David and Rachel. My blog feature the crazy adventures of our Leonberger e Bronco von der Löwenhöhle as well as information on Leonbergers

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Thank you so much Jacqui. On Amazon there are 1,300 Leonberger books if you include, notebooks, log books, coloring books, and books in foreign languages. 40 books if you only include real Leonberger books in English. However, that abundance makes it harder to notice things like “Mr. Leon Berger”

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HI Thomas, I am delighted that A Ghost and His Gold appeals to you. It is set on dual timelines and is a paranormal historical novel, partly set during the Second Anglo Boer War. I wrote it to share some of the history of South Africa and its peoples.


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