A Leonberger and His Little Pug Friend

Our Leonberger Bronco (Le Bronco von der Löwenhöhle) grew up with several dogs, one of them being our Pug Daisy, which we still have. Bronco and Daisy were good friends and on one occasion Bronco saved Daisy from an attacking lose German Shepherd. We’ve owned a very well-behaved German Shepherd, they are good dogs, but this particular one wasn’t.

Bronco stepped in between the German Shepherd and Daisy and got bitten in the leg in the process. Leonbergers are about double as strong as German Shepherds and almost double as massive and they have more powerful jaws. However, Bronco was old and had just had surgery in the leg in which he was bit, so it was certainly a sacrifice on his part. I was mad and I ran after the German Shepherd and tried kicking him and between mine and Bronco’s efforts he ran off. I cursed at the owner of the German Shepherd for letting him run lose in a public space. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but in the end Daisy our innocent sweet Pug was alive. What a day that was. Anyway, in this post I am showing a few photos I took of Bronco and Daisy.

Photo of our Pug Daisy (left) and our Leonberger Bronco (right)
Daisy (Pug) and Bronco (Leonberger)
Photo of Bronco and Daisy in the kitchen with pieces of gingerbread on the floor. Bronco raided the gingerbread house, but he is sharing with Daisy.
Bronco raided a gingerbread house, but he is sharing with Daisy.
Photo of Daisy and Bronco in the backyard. Green grass, a fence and some trees.
Daisy and Bronco in the backyard

Above Daisy and Bronco on our large wide leather sofa.

Photo of Daisy and Bronco in front of a sort of hotdog cake. It is Daisy's birthday.
Daisy’s birthday

Finally, I also would like to highlight the Dawn of Humanity series written by Jacqui Murray once again. I loved this series and I highly recommend it. Below I am posting some information about the Dawn of Humanity series.

Book Trailer