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The Book with Leonberger in the Title but Nowhere Else

I recently finished reading “My Patronus is a Leonberger”, January 16, 2023 by Alex Luther. The dimensions of this paperback are 6.34 x 0.56 x 6.34 inches, and the weight is 11.8 ounces, ISBN 979-8373947503, and it currently costs $17.99 on Amazon in the US.

Front cover of the book “My Patronus is a Leonberger” by Alex Luther.
Front cover of “My Patronus is a Leonberger” by Alex Luther. Click on the image to go to the Amazon location for the book.

In summary: “My Patronus is a Leonberger” contains 111 pages of text and 111 pages of black and white photos plus advertisement and links to places where you can buy mugs and T-shirts. None of the 111 dog photos feature a Leonberger and the word Leonberger is never used anywhere in the book. It has funny photos of various small dogs though. However, the book has nothing to do with Leonbergers. In my opinion that means that putting Leonberger in the title is a bit misleading.

Below is my review of My Patronus is a Leonberger by Alex Luther. I made minor improvements compared to the Amazon review. Click here to see my original Amazon review. BTW I gave the book three stars.

Cute Dog Book That Never Mention Leonbergers

“My Patronus is a Leonberger” features 111 black and white photos of dogs paired with 111 black pages featuring 3 to 36 words long wisdom words or sayings in white text. The sayings are typically related to wizards and sometimes to Hogwarts. They are of varying quality but some of them are cute. The dog photos are cute and feature mostly small dogs often wearing glasses, real or photoshopped, wands and human clothes. At the end of the book there is an advertisement for dog merchandise from the company the author represents.

It is a cute little book for children or adults. However, there are no photos of Leonbergers, or any giant breed, and the word Leonberger exists only on the cover. Considering that the photos are not in color, that the sayings were just OK, and that the title of the book is potentially misleading to buyers I cannot give the book a high rating. Imagine someone buying this book for a friend owning a Leonberger thinking it contains Leonberger related writing or photos. Then when his friend opens the book, he sees nothing but pugs, Pomeranians and cats, but no Leonbergers or any mention thereof. I think he would be disappointed. I give it three stars.

Back cover of the book “My Patronus is a Leonberger” by Alex Luther. Both front cover and back cover is dark brown.
Back cover of “My Patronus is a Leonberger” by Alex Luther.











Finally, if you would like to learn more about my book and find out where to buy it, click here or here. You can also click the image below to buy it from Amazon. All royalties are donated to the Leonberger Health Foundation International.

The image shows the front cover of my book "The Life and Times of Le Bronco von der Löwenhöhle". Stories and Tips from Thirteen Years with a Leonberger. The cover is beige and brown and it has the face of an old Leonberger in the middle. Author is Thomas Wikman. Click on the image to go to the paperback location for the book.
The front cover of my book “The Life and Times of Le Bronco von der Löwenhöhle”. Click on the image to go to the location for the book.

By thomasstigwikman

My name is Thomas Wikman. I am a software/robotics engineer with a background in physics, but I am currently retired. I took early retirement. I am a dog lover, and especially a Leonberger lover, a home brewer, craft beer enthusiast, an amateur astronomer, I’m learning French, and I am an avid reader. I live in Dallas, Texas, but I am originally from Sweden. I am married to Claudia, and we have three children Jacob, David and Rachel. My blog feature the crazy adventures of our Leonberger e Bronco von der Löwenhöhle as well as information on Leonbergers

15 replies on “The Book with Leonberger in the Title but Nowhere Else”

Thanks again for your review of My Patronus is a Leonberger but I think you are generous with a 3 star rating.

“My Patronus is a Leonberger” is $21.10 on in Canada. Over priced in my opinion.

I also see that there are a number of “My Patronus is a _______” (insert a number of animals/dog breeds). It would be interesting to know if they differ from each other??? Very misleading.

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It is misleading like you say. Yes I noticed there is a whole set of them. I am tempted to by another just to check but I suspect they are all the same. About my rating. I published a book myself on Amazon and I have to be careful with slamming the books of other authors. But on my blog I can say whatever I like, and a five star rating for a dog book from me on Amazon could be five or four stars in reality, a four star rating is a three star rating, a three star rating is a two star rating and a two star rating a one star rating. I should say the next two Leonberger books I am reviewing are really good Leonberger books though.


Another lazy, make-a-buck-quickly “author” who just adds to the impression held by many folks that self-publishing should not be considered to be on the same level as traditional publishing.

Not only that, Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling would not look too kindly on the book’s loose connections to the Harry Potter franchise.

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